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GitHub Trends – Feb 2022

A GitHub trending projects for Java and Rust programming languages report for February 2022 is here. Let’s get started.


Fox’s Magisk Module Manager

Total stars: 487Last month stars: 180Growth: 37%

About the project: A module manager for Magisk because the official app dropped support for it.


Total stars: 642Last month stars: 180Growth: 28%

About the project: AndroRAT is a tool designed to give control of the android system remotely and retrieve information from it. Androrat is a client/server application developed in Java Android for the client-side and the Server is in Python.


Total stars: 6860Last month stars: 1847Growth: 27%

About the project: self-hosted Git Server with Kanban and CI/CD.


Total stars: 269Last month stars: 60Growth: 22%

About the project: This repository contains payloads and extensions for the Hak5 USB Rubber Ducky. Community developed payloads are listed and developers are encouraged to create pull requests to make changes to or submit new payloads.


Total stars: 1114Last month stars: 199Growth: 18%

About the project: an Android application where you can manage and install all versions of the spotify app.

LSPosed Framework

Total stars: 3855Last month stars: 436Growth: 11%

About the project: A Riru / Zygisk module trying to provide an ART hooking framework which delivers consistent APIs with the OG Xposed, leveraging LSPlant hooking framework.


Total stars: 1766Last month stars: 177Growth: 10%

About the project: NekoX is a free and open source third-party Telegram client, based on Telegram-FOSS with features added.



Total stars: 4085Last month stars: 2702Growth: 66%

About the project: a massively parallel, optimal functional runtime in Rust.

Metaplex Program Library

Total stars: 171Last month stars: 69Growth: 40%

About the project: Metaplex smart contracts and SDK.


Total stars: 3638Last month stars: 713Growth: 20%

About the project: Slint is a toolkit to efficiently develop fluid graphical user interfaces for any display: embedded devices and desktop applications. We support multiple programming languages, such as Rust, C++, or JavaScript.


Total stars: 5537Last month stars: 933Growth: 17%

About the project: Zellij is a workspace aimed at developers, ops-oriented people and anyone who loves the terminal. At its core, it is a terminal multiplexer (similar to tmux and screen), but this is merely its infrastructure layer.

The Algorithms – Rust

Total stars: 5824Last month stars: 706Growth: 12%

About the project: all Algorithms implemented in Rust.


Total stars: 3780Last month stars: 404Growth: 11%

About the project: ergonomic and modular web framework built with Tokio, Tower, and Hyper.


Total stars: 33272Last month stars: 3460Growth: 10%

About the project: Tauri is a framework for building tiny, blazingly fast binaries for all major desktop platforms. Developers can integrate any front-end framework that compiles to HTML, JS and CSS for building their user interface. The backend of the application is a rust-sourced binary with an API that the front-end can interact with.


  • Java is still language to go for Android develope.
  • OneDev might be a good choice for everyone who is interested in a self-hosted Git server solution. In addition, you will get Kanban board and CI/CD support. Looks pretty interesting for personal projects if you can’t/don’t want to use services like Github or Gitlab.
  • I’m not a Haskell developer and don’t have any experience using the Haskell programming language, but I think Haskell developers might find the HVM project pretty interesting.
  • If you are terminal fan go and check Zellij project (was initially called “Mosaic”).
  • Tauri project looks like a bridge connecting web and desktop which is already popular across developers and continues growing.

Title image by Pexels from Pixabay.

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