JavaDevLab Trends in 2017

Let me share my view of the most interesting topics worth to follow in 2017 year. This view based on my own thoughts and might be different from somebody else.

The time to market factor plays a highly important role for the business. On the way to improve this we will see a growing percent of companies adopting DevOps practices as a fusion of the development and operation teams.

Continuous Delivery approach will allow the companies deliver the product more quickly as result getting feedback from the clients as soon as possible and doing it on regular basis.

Continuous Delivery approach development will continue inspire development and improvement of Container Virtualization tools. I suggest we will see some new players on the Container Virtualization market in this year and big improvements in existing ones.

Continuous Delivery  also will increase an impact on improvement of tools for automated deployment, configuration and version management in different environments. Infrastructure as Code approach will have a highly active development during 2017 year. I would expected some newcomers here too..

Microservices will save their top place in trends, but in 2017 shift will be made to Serverless architecture. So, we will first attempts to adopt Serversless Microservices Architecture in real production environment.

The last couple of years rapid development of Artificial Intelligent made a big shift from science world to software development area. The top big companies released their AI-related technologies to be used in public in previous year. This is the most interesting topic to follow in 2017 including buzzwords like: machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, bots, self-driving cars, natural language processing.

Data world also experienced transformation last years. The focus in data processing was changed from Data Engineering to Data Science. The Data Science specialists will be in demand in this year, so that  topic is worth to follow.

Enormous amount of different devices connected to the Internet will keep a Internet of Things in high demand in 2017 year. We will see more interesting cases of using IoT in real world.

The data will become even more open and we will see further development of Open Data initiative. There will be more different applications based on this data and especially in big cities.

E-learning will actively evolving in 2017 year. The top rated universities already present in different e-learning platforms, as fact of that we will see even more e-courses available in different areas of our life. The main focus will be made on development practical skills.

So, there are the most interesting topics worth to follow in 2017:

  • DevOps
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Container Virtualization
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Serverless Microservices Architecture
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligent
  • Data Science
  • Open Data
  • E-learning

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