GitHub Rising Stars June 2021

Today we are reviewing Java and Rust repositories on GitHub with the highest number of starts acquired in June month. All information below was collected from GitHub trending page.

If you are interested in last month article follow this link.



Total stars: 776Last month stars: 319Growth: 41%

About the project: A new shaders mod for Minecraft intended to be compatible with existing ShadersMod/Optifine shaders.

Sodium (for Fabric)

Total stars: 1854Last month stars: 460Growth: 25%

About the project: Sodium is a free and open-source optimization mod for the Minecraft client that improves frame rates, reduces micro-stutter, and fixes graphical issues in Minecraft.


Total stars: 4237Last month stars: 921Growth: 22%

About the project: High performance Spigot fork that aims to fix gameplay and mechanics inconsistencies.


Total stars: 4005Last month stars: 633Growth: 16%

About the project: QuestDB is a high-performance, open-source SQL database for applications in financial services, IoT, machine learning, DevOps and observability. It includes endpoints for PostgreSQL wire protocol, high-throughput schema-agnostic ingestion using InfluxDB Line Protocol, and a REST API for queries, bulk imports, and exports.


Total stars: 1790Last month stars: 268Growth: 15%

About the project: Better YouTube experience on Android TV, SmartTubeNext is an unofficial YouTube client for Android TV.


Total stars: 371Last month stars: 42Growth: 11%

About the project: An android library to help detect mock locations.


RustDesk | Your Remote Desktop Software

Total stars: 8841Last month stars: 4732Growth: 54%

About the project: open-source remote desktop client software, written in Rust. Works out of the box, no configuration required.


Total stars: 2993Last month stars: 1523Growth: 51%

About the project: A kakoune / neovim inspired editor, written in Rust.


Total stars: 14401Last month stars: 3234Growth: 22%

About the project: A new type of shell, Nu comes with a set of built-in commands (listed below). If a command is unknown, the command will shell-out and execute it (using cmd on Windows or bash on Linux and macOS), correctly passing through stdin, stdout, and stderr, so things like your daily git workflows and even vim will work just fine.


Total stars: 2683Last month stars: 499Growth: 19%

About the project: Solana is a fast, secure, and censorship resistant blockchain providing the open infrastructure required for global adoption.


Total stars: 2392Last month stars: 348Growth: 15%

About the project: A cross-platform graphical process/system monitor with a customizable interface and a multitude of features. Supports Linux, macOS, and Windows. Inspired by gtop, gotop, and htop.


Total stars: 5089Last month stars: 674Growth: 13%

About the project: Blazing fast terminal-ui for git written in Rust.

The Algorithms – Rust

Total stars: 3051Last month stars: 346Growth: 11%

About the project: All algorithms implemented in Rust (for educational purposes).


  • June was a Minecraft month in Java, there are multiple repositories related to Minecraft in the report.
  • RustDesk showing really impressive performance and popularity growth, it is already the third time in a row in this report.
  • RustDesk is not the single application you should check out from the Rest repositories, take a look on Nushell, Helix, Bottom and GitUI as well. The number of starss of Nushell repository is quite impressive.
  • Blockchain is still trendy in Rust repositories, especially for Salana.
  • If you want to see how to implement algorithms in Rust, but weren’t sure where to start there is a repository in the list just for you. Enjoy!

Feel free to share your observations, ideas, and thoughts in the comments section below, I will be happy to read all of them.

Title image by Rush4 from Pixabay.

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