GitHub Rising Stars October 2021

A cold November outside, but hot GitHub trends for October are already there. Let’s get started!



Total stars: 326Last month stars: 97Growth: 30%

About the project: openLooKeng is a drop in engine which enables in-situ analytics on any data, anywhere, including geographically remote data sources. It provides a global view of all of your data via its SQL 2003 interface. With high availability, auto-scaling, built-in caching and indexing support, openLooKeng is ready for enterprise workload with required reliability.


Total stars: 2940Last month stars: 333Growth: 11%

About the project: Ad free app for watching tube videos on Android TV boxes.

Compre Face

Total stars: 1431Last month stars: 155Growth: 11%

About the project: free and open-source face recognition service that can be easily integrated into any system without prior machine learning skills. CompreFace provides REST API for face recognition, face verification, face detection, landmark detection, age, and gender recognition and is easily deployed with docker.


Total stars: 4408Last month stars: 291Growth: 7%

About the project: Airbyte is an open-source EL(T) platform that helps you replicate your data in your warehouses, lakes and databases.


Total stars: 5110Last month stars: 332Growth: 6%

About the project: high-performance, open-source SQL database for applications in financial services, IoT, machine learning, DevOps and observability. It includes endpoints for PostgreSQL wire protocol, high-throughput schema-agnostic ingestion using InfluxDB Line Protocol, and a REST API for queries, bulk imports, and exports.



Total stars: 1222Last month stars: 878Growth: 72%

About the project: fast and robust semantic search tool for C and C++ codebases. It is designed to help security researchers identify interesting functionality in large codebases.


Total stars: 808Last month stars: 184Growth: 23%

About the project:  framework for Solana’s Sealevel runtime providing several convenient developer tools for writing smart contracts.

The Algorithms – Rust

Total stars: 4003Last month stars: 351Growth: 9%

About the project:  all algorithms implemented in Rust.


Total stars: 16750Last month stars: 1363Growth: 8%

About the project:  super-fast compiler written in Rust; producing widely-supported JavaScript from modern standards and TypeScript. It’s used by tools like Next.js, Parcel, and Deno, as well as companies like Vercel, ByteDance, Tencent, Shopify, and more.


Total stars: 12607Last month stars: 931Growth: 7%

About the project:  x86 virtualization in your browser, recompiling x86 to wasm on the fly.


Total stars: 6197Last month stars: 453Growth: 7%

About the project:  blazing fast terminal-UI for Git written in Rust.


  • CompreFace project looks pretty interesting if you want to try or use face recognition functionality in your application.
  • QuestDB one more player in SQL DB world used by such companines as Airbus, Toggle, Turk Telecom and others.
  • Solana is a clear leader in Rust’s “new starts” repositories, almost every monthly review Rust section includes any of Solana-related repositories. This month’s review is the Anchor project.
  • Starting newly with Rust or switching from other programming languages and don’t know how to implement a specific algorithm in Rust, so see The Algorithms – Rust repository.
  • Based on official documentation SWC is 20x faster than Babel on a single thread and 70x faster on four cors, if you use Babel and want to build your projects faster SWC is worth trying.
  • If Git CLI for some reason doesn’t work for you, there is a GitUI project which probably you want to try.

Title image by MichaelGaida from Pixabay

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