GitHub Rising Stars November 2021

A little bit delayed but GitHub trends for November are already there. So, let’s get started!



Total stars: 7396Last month stars: 2296Growth: 31%

About the project: QuestDB is a high-performance, open-source SQL database for applications in financial services, IoT, machine learning, DevOps and observability. It includes endpoints for PostgreSQL wire protocol, high-throughput schema-agnostic ingestion using InfluxDB Line Protocol, and a REST API for queries, bulk imports, and exports.

Flink CDC Connectors

Total stars: 1515Last month stars: 286Growth: 19%

About the project: Flink CDC Connectors is a set of source connectors for Apache Flink, ingesting changes from different databases using change data capture (CDC). The Flink CDC Connectors integrates Debezium as the engine to capture data changes. So it can fully leverage the ability of Debezium. 

SmartTubeNext (STN)

Total stars: 3343Last month stars: 414Growth: 12%

About the project: SmartTubeNext is an advanced YouTube app for Android TVs and TV boxes, free & open source. 


Total stars: 1244Last month stars: 135Growth: 11%

About the project: NekoX is a free and open-source third-party Telegram client, based on Telegram-FOSS with features added.



Total stars: 1131Last month stars: 336Growth: 30%

About the project: Anchor is a framework for Solana’s Sealevel runtime providing several convenient developer tools for writing smart contracts.


Total stars: 997Last month stars: 286Growth: 29%

About the project: Chainsaw provides a powerful ‘irst-response’ capability to quickly identify threats within Windows event logs. It offers a generic and fast method of searching through event logs for keywords, and by identifying threats using built-in detection logic and via support for Sigma detection rules.

Solana Program Library

Total stars: 1009Last month stars: 184Growth: 18%

About the project: The Solana Program Library (SPL) is a collection of on-chain programs targeting the Sealevel parallel runtime. These programs are tested against Solana’s implementation of Sealevel, solana-runtime, and deployed to its mainnet. 


Total stars: 5866Last month stars: 1018Growth: 17%

About the project: Web-Scale Blockchain for fast, secure, scalable, decentralized apps and marketplaces.


Total stars: 4588Last month stars: 753Growth: 16%

About the project: A post-modern modal text editor.


Total stars: 494Last month stars: 71Growth: 14%

About the project: an Ethereum-compatible smart contract parachain on Polkadot.


Total stars: 3253Last month stars: 361Growth: 11%

About the project: Polars is a blazingly fast DataFrames library implemented in Rust using Apache Arrow Columnar Format as a memory model.


  • QuestDB looks pretty interesting and worth trying.
  • SmartTubeNext is not a first-time included in monthly reports. Must be a decent application.
  • If you think about the creation of your own Telegram client, the NekoX could be a good point for you to start. You can build what you want on top of it or just use this project as an example.
  • If you are interested in smart contracts and the Solana framework, Rust is definitely a programming language you need to take a look at. Rust and Solaba are connected like father and son.
  • Chainsaw project might be interesting to cyber security experts and Windows administrators.
  • Don’t know how to exit the Vim then try Helix editor instead.

Title image by Niklas9416 from Pixabay.

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