GitHub Rising Stars December 2021

A new 2022 year is already there but we are discussing GitHub Rising Starts December 2021 edition. Let’s go!



Total stars: 2768Last month stars: 2107Growth: 76%

About the project: a javaagent framework.

Lithium (for Fabric)

Total stars: 1294Last month stars: 199Growth: 15%

About the project: Lithium is a free and open-source Minecraft mod that works to optimize many areas of the game in order to provide better overall performance.


Total stars: 1478Last month stars: 227Growth: 15%

About the project: NekoX is a free and open-source third-party Telegram client, based on Telegram-FOSS with features added.

SmartTubeNext (STN)

Total stars: 3872Last month stars: 522Growth: 13%

About the project: SmartTubeNext is an advanced YouTube app for Android TVs and TV boxes, free & open source.


Total stars: 5442Last month stars: 549Growth: 10%

About the project: high-performance Spigot fork that aims to fix gameplay and mechanics inconsistencies.



Total stars: 825Last month stars: 252Growth: 31%

About the project: a Decentralized Operating Sysa decentralized operating system for private (zero-knowledge) applications. It forms the backbone of Aleo and enables applications to verify and store the state in a publicly verifiable manner.


Total stars: 4062Last month stars: 821Growth: 20%

About the project: fast multi-threaded DataFrame library in Rust | Python | Node.js.


Total stars: 3012Last month stars: 429Growth: 14%

About the project: an elastic and reliable Serverless Data Warehouse, offers Blazing Fast Query and combines Elasticity, Simplicity, Low cost of the Cloud, built to make the Data Cloud easy.

Wez’s Terminal

Total stars: 3019Last month stars: 425Growth: 14%

About the project: a GPU-accelerated cross-platform terminal emulator and multiplexer written by @wez and implemented in Rust.


Total stars: 3508Last month stars: 387Growth: 11%

About the project: safe and portable GPU abstraction in Rust, implementing WebGPU API.


Total stars: 5118Last month stars: 563Growth: 11%

About the project: a post-modern modal text editor.


  • Minecraft mods are quite popular on Github, the same we can say about the Telegram clients.
  • Databend project looks pretty interesting and promising for further review.
  • WebGPU itself and wgpu project, in particular, are extremely worth experimenting with them.
  • Helix and Wez terminal are tools I’m going to install and test on my local soon.
  • Surprise, but there are no block-chain related projects at the top of rising starts for December 2021.

Title image by jcx516 from Pixabay.

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