GitHub Trends – May 2022

Welcome to Java and Rust GitHub trends for May 2022. Let’s get started.



Total stars: 8002Last month stars: 4077Growth: 51%

About the project: a server software reimplementation for a certain anime game.


Total stars: 7385Last month stars: 404Growth: 5%

About the project: this repository consists of the code samples, assignments, and notes for the Java Data Structures & Algorithms bootcamp of Community Classroom.


Total stars: 5579Last month stars: 266Growth: 5%

About the project: Lawnchair is a free, open-source home app for Android. 


Total stars: 2074Last month stars: 89Growth: 4%

About the project: allows you to emulate an Android ARM32 and/or ARM64 native library, and an experimental iOS emulation. This is an educational project to learn more about the ELF/MachO file format and ARM assembly.


Total stars: 1046Last month stars: 44Growth: 4%

About the project: this repository contains a set of individual Android Studio projects to help you get started writing Connectivity apps in Android.



Total stars: 2263Last month stars: 1116Growth: 49%

About the project: Aptos-core strives towards being the safest and most scalable layer one blockchain solution. 


Total stars: 1565Last month stars: 715Growth: 46%

About the project: Replibyte is a blazingly fast tool to seed your databases with your production data while keeping sensitive data safe.


Total stars: 2595Last month stars: 1149Growth: 44%

About the project: RisingWave is a cloud-native streaming database that uses SQL as the interface language. It is designed to reduce the complexity and cost of building real-time applications. RisingWave consumes streaming data, performs continuous queries, and updates results dynamically. As a database system, RisingWave maintains results inside its own storage and allows users to access data efficiently.

Universal Android Debloater GUI

Total stars: 3539Last month stars: 998Growth: 28%

About the project: cross-platform GUI written in Rust using ADB to debloat non-rooted android devices. Improve your privacy, the security and battery life of your device.


Total stars: 21162Last month stars: 4670Growth: 22%

About the project: open-source virtual/remote desktop infrastructure for everyone! The open-source TeamViewer alternative. Display and control your PC and Android devices.


  • across the Java projects in May there is only one highly growing project related to the anime game. Before, the same story was happening with Minecraft-related projects, but the “Grasscutter” project is something new.
  • If you find the “unidbg” project interesting for you, please remember this is an educational project which should be used only at your own risk.
  • “RisingWave” project looks pretty interesting as a connector between data streams and applications consuming them.
  • “RustDesk” has already more than 21k stars on GitHub and still growing pretty fast. Definitely worth trying if you are looking for TeamViewer alternative software.
  • Android-related applications are still in trend on Github. Mostly Java-based, but Rust has also come to the radar recently.

Title image by Scott Webb from Pixabay

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