GitHub Trends – October 2022

Welcome to Java and Rust GitHub trends October 2022 edition. Let’s get started!


YouTube Vanced

Total stars: 825Last month stars: 212Growth: 26%

About the project: YouTube Vanced & Vanced MicroG & YouTube Music Vanced Unofficial APK Download


Total stars: 5515Last month stars: 688Growth: 12%

About the project: Conductor is a microservices orchestration engine.



Total stars: 408Last month stars: 240Growth: 59%

About the project: distributed systems runtime daemon written in Rust.


Total stars: 16702Last month stars: 7088Growth: 42%

About the project: incremental bundler and build system optimized for JavaScript and TypeScript, written in Rust – including Turborepo and Turbopack.


Total stars: 2419Last month stars: 733Growth: 30%

About the project: Sui, a next-generation smart contract platform with high throughput, low latency, and an asset-oriented programming model powered by the Move programming language.


Total stars: 1705Last month stars: 407Growth: 24%

About the project: snarkOS is a decentralized operating system for zero-knowledge applications. This code forms the backbone the Aleo network, which verifies transactions and stores the encrypted state applications in a publicly-verifiable manner.

The Move Language

Total stars: 1322Last month stars: 259Growth: 20%

About the project: Move is a programming language for writing safe smart contracts originally developed at Facebook to power the Diem blockchain.


  • If you are looking for a microservices orchestration framework you should take a look at the “Conductor” project from the Java category.
  • There are only two projects in the Java category that demonstrated grow more than 10% in October. All others have 8% growth or less.
  • If you are working with JavaScript or TypeScript and interested in Rust at the same time, the “Turbo” project from the Rust category might be interesting for you.
  • As usual blockchain and smart-contract projects are one of the leaders in the Rust category.

Title image by mariellaobialero from Pixabay

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