GitHub Trends – November 2022

Welcome to Java and Rust GitHub trends November 2022 edition. Let’s get started!


Java Bubble Backup

Total stars: 75Last month stars: 32Growth: 43%

About the project: this repository is the backend and data source for


Total stars: 55Last month stars: 19Growth: 35%

About the project: this is a web application Java Based Beginner level project to develop an e-commerce website to Buy/Sell Food items. We use Spring Boot to build the back-end part.

YouTube Vanced

Total stars: 1190Last month stars: 382Growth: 32%

About the project: YouTube Vanced & Vanced MicroG & YouTube Music Vanced Unofficial APK Download.


Total stars: 871Last month stars: 111Growth: 32%

About the project: CATS is a REST API Fuzzer and negative testing tool for OpenAPI endpoints. CATS automatically generates, runs and reports tests with minimum configuration and no coding effort. Tests are self-healing and do not require maintenance.

AP Computer Science A – CodeHS

Total stars: 59Last month stars: 7Growth: 12%

About the project: answers for all units of the APCS CodeHS course.



Total stars: 1828Last month stars: 1640Growth: 90%

About the project: cross-platform application to monitor your network traffic with ease.


Total stars: 307Last month stars: 187Growth: 61%

About the project: simple, safe way to store and distribute tensors.


Total stars: 3014Last month stars: 1019Growth: 34%

About the project: run and test HTTP requests with plain text.


Total stars: 3647Last month stars: 955Growth: 26%

About the project: an extremely fast Python linter, written in Rust.

git absorb

Total stars: 1822Last month stars: 421Growth: 23%

About the project: git commit –fixup, but automatic.


Total stars: 622Last month stars: 123Growth: 20%

About the project: a high performance Rust-powered layout library.


  • The “CATS” project from the Java category looks very interesting to try especially if you are involved in API development or testing.
  • The “sniffnet” project from the Rust category has shown extreme growth in November.
  • I personally found the “Hurl” project from the Rust category worth trying. It seems a very easy way to script HTTP communications and create test scenarios. It is like cURL but with assertions.
  • The “Ruff” project from the Rust category is a great example of when one programming language can help another. In this case, fast Rust code helps avoid mistakes in Python code.

Title image by David Mark from Pixabay

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