GitHub Trends – December 2022

Welcome to Java and Rust GitHub trends December 2022 edition. Let’s get started!



Total stars: 1906Last month stars: 378Growth: 20%

About the project: EhViewer fork is dedicated to lightweight and high-performance with Material Design 3 and Dynamic Color Support.


Total stars: 403Last month stars: 45Growth: 11%

About the project: the ultimate All-In-One Utility to tweak Google Dialer.

UI for Apache Kafka 

Total stars: 4543Last month stars: 466Growth: 10%

About the project: versatile, fast, and lightweight web UI for managing Apache Kafka® clusters. Built by developers, for developers.



Total stars: 944Last month stars: 942Growth: 100%

About the project: modular, contributor-friendly and blazing-fast implementation of the Ethereum protocol.


Total stars: 1185Last month stars: 477Growth: 40%

About the project: this library aims to be a complete deep learning framework with extreme flexibility written in Rust. The goal would be to satisfy researchers as well as practitioners making it easier to experiment, train and deploy your models.


Total stars: 5479Last month stars: 1841Growth: 34%

About the project: an extremely fast Python linter, written in Rust.


Total stars: 2622Last month stars: 771Growth: 29%

About the project: an application to comfortably monitor your network traffic, multithreaded, cross-platform, and reliable.


Total stars: 11683Last month stars: 2186Growth: 19%

About the project: Polars is a blazingly fast DataFrames library implemented in Rust using Apache Arrow Columnar Format as the memory model.


  • There are no clear trending projects in the Java category in December 2022.
  • Nowadays many organizations have Kafka in their technology stack. The “UI for Apache Kafka” project interesting and promising project to include in your toolset. As it is claimed on the project page – built by developers, for developers.
  • The project growth trends in the Rust category are incredible. It is clearly visible that Rust is a “hot” topic in the development community.
  • The “burn” project from the Rust category seems something really needed. A deep learning framework with a focus on researchers and practitioners. I would like to see more AI/ML-oriented projects coming in this category.

Title image by Justus from Pixabay

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